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Beef & Poulet

As a specialized wholesaler in chicken and red meat, we bring you the finest quality products. We're here to enhance your tables with flavor and health! Delivering our fresh, natural, and delicious meats to customers worldwide, we ensure reliability every step of the way. Discover quality now and start shopping!


Specializing in premium seafood we're your go-to wholesaler for all things fish. Elevate your dining experience with our top-quality products, sourced from the depths of the Turkey to your table! With worldwide shipping, we ensure that freshness and flavor are never compromised.

  • Sea Bass
  • Sea Bream
  • Salmon
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Frequently Asked Questions

~ Which regions do you deliver to?

Our business provides deliveries to Gulf countries and all over the world, especially Dubai.

~ How Does the Delivery Process Progress?

After your order is received, we carry out our delivery by contracted airline, sea, railway or ship. Depending on the route your order takes and its destination, we choose the most convenient and reliable delivery method.

~ What are the Delivery Fees?

Delivery costs and times may vary depending on the shipping region and the selected delivery method. Please contact us for detailed information and estimated delivery times.

~ Do you have a Warranty Policy?

Our products are delivered to you in accordance with all food indices and having passed all tests. All our products are under warranty and come with your invoice.

About Us

FOCUS FOODS, located within the ÇERKEZKÖY TRADE CENTER in the Thrace Region, continuously emphasizes hygiene, quality, and health with the world's most advanced technology systems and innovative approaches in its cold storage facilities. Our company is a leading establishment in its sector, prioritizing high-tech investments and quality production that values human health. With the strategies we have developed and the correct moves we have made, we have achieved many successes in our industry. In this period of continuous development and consolidation of our leadership, we play an active role as a global food company with added value gained through cross-border collaborations and employment we have developed. In line with changing world and living conditions, within the framework of our corporate goals, we adopt the principles of "sustainability, quality, and energy efficiency" and strive to prioritize them in our policies.

Since its establishment, FOCUS FOODS has continuously increased its effectiveness in commercial fields. As a company that values investment in both technology and human resources parallel to technological investments, it is also contemporary in terms of knowledge accumulation. Our company has a structure that constantly values development due to its respect for people, the environment, and technological innovations, and it is inclined to constantly renew itself by examining, criticizing, and renewing itself. In order to meet the relationships and needs required for the services specified in our commercial register with a high level of discipline, our management and organizational procedures have been established, and we have specialized in implementing knowledge and experience.

Our goal in foreign markets is not to compete with Turkish companies, but to open up new markets for itself and Turkish products, and to compete with exporting companies in other countries. FOCUS FOODS believes that it can achieve these goals by being within the market. The high level of consumer satisfaction achieved through the perfectionist approach is not a coincidence but the very essence of the success story!


As the leading export company in the country, we continuously renew ourselves with our forward-thinking and proactive team, striving to offer consumers the highest quality products by following trends and technology. At the same time, we recognize that our business partners are what make us who we are, aiming to constantly improve ourselves and provide better service.


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